Monday, March 21, 2005

Object Boot Camp - Patterns ..

Object Boot Camp - Part 2 (Patterns) has started here at ThoughtWorks. Planned for 3 weeks, 9am - 11 am... yaaawn .. who gets to work at 9 in the morning ?? :-)

anyways. Im feeling damn lazy to chronicle this camp. Hoping some one else will keep his/her blog upto date with the day to day happenings/incidents at the Boot Camp. (if that happens I will update this page with a link to that kind souls page)

All I can say is its pretty interesting. We get to practise 'accelerated' Extreme Programming :-). Basically we have a problem to solve and we completely drive the solution using tests, rotate pairs every 15 mins etc etc. And at the end of it someone projects his code onto a wall and we get to criticize it Hehe (evil laugh).


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