Thursday, February 24, 2005

The people aspect behind XP

One thing that I have realized is how important the 'people aspect' is to a team using extreme Programming.

And when 'non peopleness' prevails it is soooo sooo irritating !

Simple example. Take pairing for example. Sounds easy. But till date I have had a few pairing experiences that can be called orgasmic. These sessions have been intense with awesome design happening and good neat code getting churned out with tons of Unit tests. Other times its been an effort. Some pairs do it so so wrong. I mean is it so $^@# difficult to understand what pairing truely means ? One person driving all the time with the other as a spectator is no pairing. Its just human to understand that developers like to code, and its nice to let go of the keyboard sometimes !!

I work in a Team, and as a part of the team I feel responsible for the product that we're building. This is what drives me - "Were building it together". The belongingness, the fact that what Im doing is for myself not for someone else. We as a team move forward. Now if people dont realize this and generally try to exert their power to fit the stereotypic model of a Manager... ppphhhtttt.. there goes every thing. Suddenly I feel Im working undersome, for someone, for someone elses benefit. I no longer have the drive and I no longer strive for the perfection !! I 'work' to get things 'done'.

Small things. Big differences.


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