Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Aeromodelling update

Today was a landmark of sorts.

Nate offered Sagar 200 bucks and Sagar sold his soul (pretty cheap huh :-)) and chucked his glider from the balcony of our office (thats 6th floor with tons of traffic below. Tch tch .. what ppl do for money !!) ;-)

Anyways it took off beautifully, glided for a moment and then decided to perform a nose dive and Nose dive it did !!!. And almost knocked out Juggu (another ThoughtWorker) who was loafing on the streets below... Amazing. We almost died laughing.

So tomorrow were planning to prepare another launch ... 400 bucks .. going once .. going twice .. anyone ???

Anyways in the evening we went to our 'Guru' and he said that we have to perform penance for that sinful act by making a bigger model with a 3.3 cc engine !!! ... Aaaahhh .. another gazillion hrs of sanding a piece of wood coxing it to look like an aerofoil section .. Oh boy .. the Joy !!

So thats where we are. We got our first sponsorer, performed the maiden flight, had the maiden crash, almost got a thoughtless thoughtWorker and are working towards salvation. What can be better ???

I think were beginning to see the propellor at the end of the fusalage.


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