Friday, January 28, 2005

Library Management Tool <-> Avyakta

Avyakta - According to Suresh it means "Formless" which is a very apt name for our Library management Project as of now :-)

So along with the code-name of Avyakta we also made some kind of progress today.

Finally got the project onto CVS !!! .. Yaaaaaaaaaayy... turned out to be damn easy once you knew exactly what has to be done :) . Gabbar was walking along when I pulled him to help me out and in 15 mins Avyakta was sitting on Jhakkas (our server with the CVS repository).

So CVS is ready.

Figured out a lil but more about WebWorks. Pretty interesting. Have to try out stuff this weekend and maybe blog on it on monday.

Also stumbled onto two other Open Source tools - Site Mesh and Lucene that i want to try out on this project.

Site Mesh is an Open Source tool which uses the decorator pattern to make managing web content easier. Nice concept looks pretty simple to use.
Lucene is another Open Source tool that provides search capability. Havent read much about it, but whatever little I have read about it sounds good.

So two more tools to check out.


  • I think it's a very good name for the project. 'Formless'.. in a way represents Agile, don't u think.

    By Blogger sagar, at 7:48 AM  

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