Thursday, January 27, 2005

Library Management Project update.

Not much progress on this front.
We havent had time to sit down and do/read/try out what we want/have/supposed to do.

Am doing some general reading up on WebWork. Picked up a book "Java Open Source Programming" that was lying around in office. Must say the section on WebWork has been written pretty well. Past few days I have been trying to get some good tutorials off the net that explain a lil bit more about WebWorks than just saying that its THE most amazing tool to use. But this book talks about XWork first and then builds on it to explain about WebWork. Pretty neat !!

Bugged Ajey and got access to a CVS repository here on Jakkhas. Tried setting up a CVS for our project. Failed miserably !!! ... arrggggghh

I always wondered how big projects (like the one that Im in currently) actually started out. How were all the initial decisions made ? How were the first few lines of code written ? how did things go from there ? ... this experiment of ours is giving me an insight into that process albeit on a very small scale. But interesting all the same.

Im waiting for the day when we will have cards to play and are actually doing some development work. Rather than have just a few guys/gals do this. I want to try something different. Like check in all the cards that we want to play into CVS and anyone who wants to contribute can pitch in, sign up for a card, and check in that funcitonality. So suppose some one is feeling like he has not coded much on a particular day and wants to code, refactor, bitch about code .. well they are welcome to contribute. :-)

But before that we have tons of stuff to do

- Jayanthan has actually written some amazing stories. But they are too course grained to be called Story cards. So we have to get some kind hearted BA here to write actual story cards. Maybe we can push it as practise cards on to some unsuspecting soul ;-)
- Familiarize ourselves with stuff that were planning to use - hibernate, WebWork and Velocity I think (as of now)
- Set up the CVS for the project
- Set up Continuous Integration. Chris suggested Damage Control as it was much easier to use.

Thats all I can think of.
This is going to be one helluva learning experience. (if we actually get around to doing something !!)


  • Who's a BA? :)

    By Blogger ash, at 9:43 PM  

  • BA == Business Analyst .. a person who has awesome Domain Knowledge. A Person who writes 'Stories' (functionality that we developers add) and writes various success scenarios for such stories.

    By Blogger ROhan, at 4:21 AM  

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