Monday, January 24, 2005

Library Management System

A few of us at ThoughtWorks have decided to bite more than what we can chew.
We decided to put together a Library Management System for our library here.
Basically to figure out how a web based application works. I have never worked in a project from its inception. So I am waiting to see how different parts of a project all fit together. As of now the project that Im working on is too big for me to figure out how all the parts fit together.

We had no idea about how to start this damn thing. So we spoke to Chris and he gave us some directions. We decided to use Hibernate as the O/R Mapping layer. WebWorks and Velocity to handle the Web part of the application and Java of course. Database not yet sure. But I guess MySQL would be a good choice.

We also spoke to Naresh and got info on how to set up a project on a local CVS at ThoughtWorks.

Things are moving at a painfully slow pace. But i guess thats the norm than the exception.


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