Thursday, January 20, 2005

SICP - Overview and Introduction to LISP ( lecture 1A)

Down with Viral Fever.
Decided to check out the SICP (Structure and Intepretations of Computer Programs) lectures. Gknee and Yogi were raving about them, and LISP was supposed to be THE thing to learn. So decided to find out what the big deal was :-)

Here goes !!!
Initially it was pretty boring. Yaaaawn ..

The prof was talking about the very basics of computing. But it was interesting in some ways, cause this was a video shoot of a class room teaching. It was really funny to see these hippie looking students, some of which were looking like zombies. Hehe .. reminded me of some lectures that I have sat thru in Engineering :-)

The thick Yellow piece of Chalk that the professor was using looked really good fun to use :-)

Initially the lecturer spoke about how Computer Science has nothing to do with a Computer. What he meant was Computer science was the essence of this science where as the Computer was basically a tool that we used. Yawn .. .

Learnt about some primitive elements in LISP. like + - < * and some primitive data like numbers etc ... Yawn ...

Learnt means of combination like using if() Yawn ...

also was introduced to the basic means of abstraction, and how to create methods using the define statement.

Yawn .. yawn .. Y.A.W.N !!!!

at the end of this session a slow moving electric impulse moves across my hibernating mind and is carrying the message "Is Gknee out of His mind ??"


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