Thursday, January 20, 2005

practise .. practise .. practise..

I got a Laptop from ThoughtWorks recently and I feel its an awesome inventment for the company.

Well its simple actually. (Before U think im Cucoo or something !!)

Say your learning an musical instrument. Its only when you have the instrument at home, do you actually tend to spend time with that instrument. Every few minutes that you are free you are bound to pick it up and play for sometime And this is when you become good. When you spend time with that instrument.

Same difference ;-)

Ever since i got the laptop i have been able to spend so much more time on it, which kind of gives the same effect as spending more time on the musical instrument.

I feel programmers are not just made. You are not born a master programmer. You have to move from a Journey-man to the Master stage and everyone has to go thru this stage. Just that some might be faster and others slower depending upon the amount of time they spend on this(not the only reason of course). So by giving everyone laptops the company is bound to nurture more to-be-Masters which is awesome for any company.

This was just a thought :-) ..

ThoughtWork is Planing to give everyone a laptop soon, so i guess I can wait and see if there is any grain of truth in what I feel or its allbullshit !!!

ps: Java Programmers arent Born Nice read !!!


  • Unfortunately in our organization it's a dream. :-(
    But the point you made is ! right. Whenever someone finds some time he can play with the every damn code and it will scale up his skills.

    By Blogger partha, at 2:21 AM  

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