Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dizzy with excitement ..

weeellll .... Not exactly .. but dizzy definitely.
We finally flew the Control line model that we had been building for the past few weeks. (and we appreciate all those fellow ThoughtWorkers who did come by and Jeer .. umm I mean Cheer us on :) We dedicate the few crashes that we had to U folks). Anyways enough of sarcasm. In Aeromodelling, experience is measured by the number of broken properllers, and we are proud to say that we are two-propeller experienced as of today !! But I must say Sagars properller shows more 'experience'. Haha.

A RC Line Model is basically a plane with a powerful engine (around the same power as a TVS-Fiero i think, approx 3.2 cc) which you control using a thin Nylon rope. So basically you go round-n-round and the plane flies all around you. Pretty neat if you are not the dizzy kinds. I am and it was not nice when the model almost crashed when the dizziness hit me. So in a 5 minute flight ( which is how long the model stays in air on a full tank) I had to take a break 3 times. So it seems I have to practise turning at home to get over the dizziness !! . Oh Boy what joy to moi..

So after our twirl we were looking at the big boys flying their 25K-Remote control-All-Look-Alike planes.

RC Control Model

They were doing some cool stuff, like twirls and nose dives and loops and we were wickedly thinking what would happen if one crashed. And God was kind to us and one of them decided not to pull up on a nose dive. Not a pretty scene, hehe. The plane kind split in the middle. All the electronics in the gut spewed out but the engine was safe I guess. Damn I didnt take a camera today. Else we could have a snap of them scooping the plane off the runway !!.

Well gotto go and practise going a round. Wheeee ..


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