Sunday, June 19, 2005

Linux Kernel Development

Was killing some time in Landmark recently.

Wow. Now thats a book store. Awesome variety of Books. Awesome. Wanted to pick up tons of books, but my to-read-stack has already hit the ceiling.

But could not resist picking up this book

Linux Kernel Development - Robert Love (this dude is a Kernel Hacker at Novell.)

Interesting read (am currently in the Third Chapter). So far its been a pretty easy read. The concepts are clearly explained and his examples kinda hit the spot. And no obscure code sprinkled all over the book. (Did you know that a 'nice' value for a process is used to determine how 'nice' that process is to other processes. So basically a higher 'nice' value basically means thats its a lower priority process and it gets a smaller time slice or another process might get selected over it whilescheduling ).

Wish we had this as our text book in the Final Year instead of "Linux Kernel Internals"

Although Linux Kernel Internals is a pretty neat book, not in the context of an education system which expects you to reproduce the Linux kernel code which was there in the book, in the exam !! Aggghhh ... I still remember studying for that paper. Most common thought was 'what the hell is this piece of code doing here ??'.

Such a bad introduction to such a lovely subject. Sigh.

[a side note] Fedora core 4 has been released. Waiting to download it so that I can check it out.


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